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Handcrafted Personalised Necklaces

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Silvery creates the most personalised jewellery that’s handcrafted by individuals for individuals.

Each personalised piece becomes your lasting Memory Keeper.



About Silvery

Welcome to Silvery Jewellery, let us begin with telling you a bit about ourselves. We are a home-grown online jewellery store based in Sydney Australia, specialising in personalised Sterling Silver Jewellery which can be personalised. Silvery began as a small home business by Justin & Vanessa Blake in 2015, wanting to provide unique hand-crafted jewellery that could be personalised . We started out as a one man show and now we are a young vibrant team of 20 wonderful people. Each member on our team strives to bring your  jewellery to life by handcrafting each item.

Silvery Jewellery is 100% Australian with our workshop being situated in South Africa.

ABN: 19 629 968 565