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Free Shipping over $60 | Delivered within 8 working days
All Christmas Orders Close 25th November 2020

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9kt Gold Collection

Some memories are best kept in Gold

9kt Gold Fine Jewellery Collection

Silvery is exceptionally proud to present the exclusive launch of our 9kt Gold Fine Jewellery Collection. The concept is inspired by the sentiment that some of life’s finest memories are best kept in Gold. Captured in a precious metal that is fitting of our greatest triumphs, achievements and sometimes even losses. 

Add your personalisation to complete the process of creating your very own investment piece to last a lifetime, one that is a worthy heirloom for generations to come. Each item is expertly handcrafted from 9kt Gold and paired with the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver chain.

9kt Gold Fine Jewellery Collection Packaging

Celebrate a milestone birthday, encapsulate a personal achievement or memorialise a loved one through our subtle and modern collection. The designs consist of clean lines, where functionality and sentimentality meet. Every detail is considered and the pieces will transcend beyond seasonal trends to be cherished forevermore.

The collection consists of Gold bracelets and Gold Necklaces to fully encompass a minimal, yet meaningful Gold jewellery range.

Thank you for entrusting Silvery with your most cherished memories.